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Advancing the Role of the Nurse in the Management of MS in Rural Areas

This online curriculum provides up-to-date information related to the comprehensive care of people living with multiple sclerosis (MS) in rural areas. Led by expert faculty with extensive experience in both MS care and rural health, it is designed to address the unique challenges faced by nursing professionals practicing in rural areas. Many of these challenges are exacerbated by events such as the COVID-19 pandemic. In a series of short video modules, the faculty share their perspectives, offering insights into best practices and strategies for overcoming barriers, with the goal of improving the comprehensive care of people living with MS.

Program Information:
Release Date: 12/30/2020
Expiration Date: 12/30/2021

Total Modules: 7

  • Module 1: State of the Art in MS: A Review of MS Pathophysiology (30 Minutes)
  • Module 2: Epidemiology of MS and Achieving an Early and Accurate Diagnosis of MS in the Rural Setting (45 Minutes)
  • Module 3: A Match Made in MS: Linking Physiologic Mechanisms of MS with Therapeutic Targets (15 Minutes)
  • Module 4: Evaluating Established, New, and Emerging Disease-Modifying Therapies for MS (45 Minutes)
  • Module 5: Approaches to Effectively Educating Patients and Care Partners (45 Minutes)
  • Module 6: Working as Part of the MS Team: The Role of the Rural Nursing Professional (45 Minutes)
  • Module 7: Cases and Solutions: A Review of Challenging Cases, Management Approaches and Success Stories of People Living with MS in Rural Areas (30 Minutes)
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