2019 SCHEDULE OF EXAMS: May 29, 2019 (Seattle, WA Only) | June 1-15, 2019 (Nationwide) | November 9-23, 2019 (Nationwide) | ONLINE PRACTICE TEST FOR MS NURSE IS NOW AVAILABLE: The Online Practice Test for Multiple Sclerosis Nurses is now live and available for purchase. The fee is $50 and is payable by credit card at the PTC Online Testing System website.
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- Recertified Thru Continuing Education Credits -
  • Bekman, Fennigje ((NETHERLANDS)
  • Booker, Darlene A. (FL, USA)
  • Chandler, Deborah C. (FL, USA)
  • Daniels, Cheryl Y. (BC, CANADA)
  • Eikelenboom, Maria Johanna (NETHERLANDS)
  • Gierkink-Brinke, Renata (NETHERLANDS)
  • Hobbs, Angela K. (KS, USA)
  • Hollanders, Slyvia (NETHERLANDS)
  • Jones, Laurie H. (KS, USA)
  • Kreijkes-Van Dijk, Thilly (NETHERLANDS)
  • Meeuwesen, Margaretha A. (NETHERLANDS)
  • Neele-Van Dam, Anita (NETHERLANDS)
  • Niese, Jill T. (OH, USA)
  • Stallbaum, Marie L. (AZ, USA)
  • Stoekenbroek, Sonja (NETHERLANDS)
  • Van Boven-Van Oene, Jannetje (NETHERLANDS)
  • Van Den Berg, Sarita (NETHERLANDS)
  • Van Loon-Koeken, Antonia E. (NETHERLANDS)
  • Van Vliet, Chantal (NETHERLANDS)
  • Wilkinson, Elizabeth M. (UK)